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Family ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook Style E-Book
Only $12.95
Family ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Family ElderSharing® Notebook Style Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00

Community ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook
Style E-Book

Only $12.95
Community ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Community ElderSharing® Notebook Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00

Home Fundraising cookbooks for churches, high schools, non-profit organizations, sports fundraising and ways to make money.

Only three steps: 1) We send the books, at our cost of shipping. 2) You
sell them at your price. 3) Send us half (50% discount) of the money raised,
and the unused books. Some popular titles are listed, but we do this with all
of our books.

You pick the books and call us at (800)571-2665 and ask for LifeCircle
Book Department for more information on all of our ways to fundraising ideas
and making money.


  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Baseball Moms' Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-349-5
2.   Camp Cooking Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-187-5
3.   Community Planning Kit for In-Home Elder Care
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-074-7
4.   Family Planning Kit for In-Home Elder Care
Item No. 1-57166-059-3
5.   Football Moms' Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-287-1
6.   Make the Play All-Sport Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-346-0
7.   Soccer Moms' Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57166-108-5
8.   The Track Moms' Cookbook
Item No. ISBN 1-57xxx
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