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Family ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook Style E-Book
Only $12.95
Family ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Family ElderSharing® Notebook Style Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00

Community ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook
Style E-Book

Only $12.95
Community ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Community ElderSharing® Notebook Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00


Family Planning Kit for In-Home Elder Care


Learning to lovingly care for older family members and friends without overextending ourselves is a common challenge. During our life, most of us end up with two choices:
1) enlisting our elderly, loved ones to an institutional care facility, or
2) letting elder care fall on one person's shoulder.
This kit helps create a better answer. It can create generations of caring and understanding among the extended family unit. The kit involves churches, groups, kids, and teens in the process.
Let it begin with the young and continue with the old.

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