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Family ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook Style E-Book
Only $12.95
Family ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Family ElderSharing® Notebook Style Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00

Community ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook
Style E-Book

Only $12.95
Community ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Community ElderSharing® Notebook Front & Back Covers
Only $2.00


Family ElderSharing® and Caring Notebook Style E-Book
Family ElderSharing® and Caring E-Book

Many of our elderly and disabled loved ones would love to live in their own homes. As these precious people grow older, they need more help, more services and someone to coordinate the help they must receive in order to live “independently.” LifeCircle Enterprises® has introduced this user friendly book in 8-1/2 x 11 inch form and is designed to inspire, instruct and encourage individuals, families and even communities, who desire to make it possible for older and disabled people to live in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving all the attention and service they need. The community e-books can be downloaded also by clicking on the featured book on the home page.

The key to good planning for any older person who wishes to continue to live independently is to have them take an active part in decision making whenever it is possible. This book explains the importance of caregiving as a partnership, a process in which the person, as well as the whole family, can participate regardless of distance or age. The activities are designed to include everyone, even the youngest family members.

Clear instructions are offered to guide the individual designated as “coordinator.” This would be the person responsible for contacting the family members, friends, and service providers needed for respite and critical care situations.

The book explains how to delegate responsibilities so that the coordinator is not left with the bulk of the duties. Since each situation is different, not only are the most basic elements discussed, but also useful lists are supplied covering many topics so the coordinator can pick and choose what will work best in their specific situation.

The following list of topics are covered in these books:
• Nutrition information • Diets and menu planning • Medication • Legal concerns • Financial matters • Service providers • Respite workers • Activity calendars • Potential problems • Trouble shooting

The book is divided into chapters for ease of use. Definition of terms are provided to acquaint the reader with the necessary vocabulary used in the field of elder care. Each section gives lists of services that will be needed. Certain pages of the books are meant to be cut out to share with those involved, so they know what they have volunteered to do and exactly when they will need to be available to do their part.

There are two different e-book forms of these helpful books--Family & Community:
The three ring notebook version for family members: The inside portion of this book is the downloadable version. Purchasers will want to purchase prepunched paper with holes for use in any three ring notebook,(easily available from any local store offering school supplies).

This version is meant to be a working tool, used by families or community groups, to help participants plan, coordinate, communicate and record essential information. It will provide space for letters, drawings, and family photos. This version can be augmented or reduced to fit the needs of each situation. The books can be gifts to loved ones with or without front and back covers.

Prices reflect this flexibility in formats.
Prices: $12.95 for the downloadable pages for the hole punched paper. Purchase a slip cover notebook and create your own tailored covers, or pay $1 for 4-color front cover for slip cover notebook and $1 for 4-color back cover for slip cover notebook.
Total costs for downloadable e-book with front and back cover is $14.95.

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